Industrial Training

Industrial Training is also referred to as getting internship. During an internship,a student spends time in a software/networking concern rather than in the college classrooms or labs.Can Industrial Training be Free?

Many companies in India provide Industrial/Summer Training on paid basis, while some of claim that they provide it for free also. You may have reached this page searching for a free training, but you should read on the complete details on this page. Asking for free Industrial Training is being in a fantasy land. When you use resources of a company even for small time, the company incurs a cost in bearing you there. That cost may be as menial as ten rupee electricity spent on you. So it should be clear whether Industrial Training could be really free.

What are you looking for – Learning or Earning?

The duration of Industrial Training could be spent earning in some companies, and in that case free industrial training is very much possible. But is that a Training or a paid employment ?. When you are being offered free training, what you are being offered is not training, but a disguised small term employment for an activity for which you happen to be a cheap labor/resource. The whole show is run at the cost of your precious time.

Industrial/Summer Training & Career?

Free Industrial is not likely to bring any benefit to your career, especially if you plan a career in good organizations. It might be of some use if you are thinking of a career line in testing or data-entry.

Will it be Learning or Working?

Many students don’t wish to be a burden on their parents rightfully and they become desperate to earn as soon as possible. You spent money on studying for your degree/semesters, and now you want to spoil all that hard earned money? It is like a football match where a team puts in a lot of effort in bringing the ball to the striking circle, and just at the right time it backs out and starts thinking otherwise.

It is the time to learn, not earn. This time is very crucial also, because nowhere in your career are you going to get so much free and stress free time to learn.

Impact of Free Industrial Training on Job Prospects

Free Industrial Training does not improve your job prospects at the company where you are going to get trained. The company offering you such options is probably looking only for cheap labor – if they got you this time, they will get someone else the next time. You are not likely to fit in the picture. And, they also know that you are not sufficiently trained in latest technologies.

Free Industrial Training at Techno Campus?

Techno campus, the Training & Learning arm of Aptech Pvt.Ltd. does not offer free Industrial Training. Charges are affordable for different durations of training starting from 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 45 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days and 120 Days, 6 months.

So Be Wise & Join the right Industrial Training to empower your Career with latest Technologies.

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