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Sealed modifier when used with a class defines the inheritance level. When sealed is used with a class, they cannot be inherited by other classes. In other words, it prevents the derivation of the class. To make a class sealed, “sealed” keyword is used before the “class” keyword. If “sealed” modifier is used with a method, that method cannot be overloaded.

Features of Sealed Class

1) A class which is to be used for security reason is declared as sealed.
2) A declared as sealed is the last class in the hierarchy.
3) Sealed class cannot be a base class but can be a derived class.
4) Sealed class cannot be declared as abstract.

Class Definition of Sealed class

sealed class SealedClass


Method definition for Sealed method

public override sealed void SealedMethod()



class X
protected virtual void F() { Console.WriteLine(“X.F”); }
protected virtual void F2() { Console.WriteLine(“X.F2”); }

class Y : X
sealed protected override void F() { Console.WriteLine(“Y.F”); }
protected override void F2() { Console.WriteLine(“Y.F2”); }

class Z : Y
// Attempting to override F causes compiler error CS0239.
// protected override void F() { Console.WriteLine(“C.F”); }

// Overriding F2 is allowed.
protected override void F2() { Console.WriteLine(“Z.F2”); }


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