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Image result for android dotnetAndroid for .NET Developers

Authority of versatile stages improves you an engineer and can truly give you more openings for work. Be that as it may, let’s be honest: The rundown of versatile stages that offer more sound prospects doesn’t yet incorporate Windows Phone and Windows 8. Your standpoint is out and out better in the event that you can code for iOS or Android.

As a prepared .NET engineer with a solid foundation in C#, what’s the least demanding methodology you can take to improve as a portable designer? In this article, I’ll demonstrate to you the best approach to Android programming.

From multiple points of view, the Android is a simple catch for .NET engineers. As a matter of first importance, the programming dialect is either C#, on the off chance that you settle on composing applications through the Mono stage, or Java-a nearby in respect to C#-on the off chance that you take the great course of the standard Android SDK. Second, you don’t have to purchase a Mac so as to create for Android. Whatever IDE you utilize is accessible for Windows as well. At last, the UI of Android applications is laid out utilizing a XML pattern that doesn’t look remote to individuals who know XAML.

Contrasted with creating for iOS or even Windows Phone, Android writing computer programs is trying for one eminent reason: the tremendous number of fundamentally extraordinary gadgets that might run your application. You can discover Android on an $80 mobile phone and in addition on a top of the line $500 cell phone. The distinction regarding power, battery, assets, and screen size can be enormous. These factors add more work to the timetable and, considerably more than that, it includes thinking ahead: you should arrange your Android exertion well for it to bring about an example of overcoming adversity.

A long way from a definitive asset for all parts of Android programming, this article points humbly at giving viable data to kick you off and making utilitarian test applications.

Options for Android Development

The essential way to deal with Android programming comprises of downloading the Android SDK and composing your applications utilizing the Java programming dialect. This approach ensures the quickest and most minimized applications, and this is the approach introduced in whatever is left of this article.

In case you’re a .NET designer, however, you might need to consider another alternative: Xamarin Studio from Xamarin. Take note of that Xamarin Studio (once in the past MonoDroid) is a business item and may oblige you to purchase a permit. (For more data, observe

You can utilize the Xamarin Studio IDE (some time ago MonoDevelop) on a Windows PC or you can introduce an expansion to Visual Studio and continue utilizing the majority of your most loved modules.

An Android application worked with Xamarin Studio executes inside an occurrence of a Mono-based virtual PC. The Mono virtual PC, thus, lives next to each other with the Android’s virtual PC. To get to local Android functionalities, you utilize a pack of classes that look like classes in the .NET Framework aside from that they tie to the Android API in the engine.


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