Function Overloading in C#

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Untitled53434Function Overloading

This tutorial will helps you to know about Method or Function or Procedure overloading in C#. First Question arises is that what is Method Overloading or Function Overloading.

Very simple answer to this question is that have you ever heard about some words that have different meaning in different contexts?

For example there is a word “who”. If we use who in the beginning of a Sentence it appears like a Question or Interrogative Question. But same word can be used to re-call somebody in a context.


1. Who are you? (Interrogatives sentence)

2. And the person who stolen things from the market is my relative. (Referencing someone)

Likely, if there are two methods or functions with the same name exist in a program but having different parameters and performing different work at different instances then this condition is known as Function Overloading.


void calc (int, int) //can be used to sum two numbers

Void calc (int, int, int) //can be used to multiply three numbers

Now, in the above example, function calc is used to perform different operation with different parameters. This is what we called Function Overloading.

In C#, it is done in the same way as done in prior oops based languages like C++, Java.

using namespace <program-name>

//Firstly create two public functions with same name in a class.

class moverload


public void area(int a, int b)


Console.WriteLine(“Area of rectangle={0}”, a * b);



public void area(double a)


Console.WriteLine(“Area of Circle={0}”, 3.14 * Math.Pow(a, 2));




namespace moverloading


class Program


static void Main(string[] args)


moverload obj = new moverload();

Console.WriteLine(“Enter length and breadth=”);

int len = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

int breadth = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());

obj.area(len, breadth );






Enter length and breadth= 20,30

Area of rectangle=600


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