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 .NET is a pure OOPS based language used to develop desktop apps, websites etc. It is one of the major products by Microsoft.

 Why we ought .NET is again out of the ordinary questions among professionals?

 According to Professional opinions, if you are consummate in any of the technology either it’s Java, Perl, Python, Ruby on rails it yield results no doubt with your uphill struggle in the same.

 Any of the desktop applications, android applications, web applications and many more can be developed using .NET Technology make it more powerful language.

 If one person good in logics, having good pedestal in C, C++ it will helps a lot that chum to grab hand easily on .NET Technology.

 .NET Code is handy means once you developed an application in .NET Framework you can use it on any of the platforms (i.e. different Operating Systems).

 OOPS is one of the conventional trends among different high level programming Languages. Are you proverbial to classes, objects, inheritance and other features of high and middle level languages? If answer is yes, then you are equipped to move ahead to the new epoch of Technology i.e. .NET.

 .NET contains WCF, WPF forms for development of Graphical and interactive applications.

 .NET also supports multi threaded applications- What do you mean by multi threaded applications is that you can run many processes at the same time. That means your processor can do an assortment of tasks at the same time.

 So if you are a .NET Professional or even a technical graduate and making up your mind to start working with .NET Technologies that don’t agonized about your bright future. It helps you a lot to making up a good career.


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