Conversion of Decimal to Binary in C#

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dwdwdConversion of Decimal to Binary in C#

In interviews, there are some programming questions which you will find most of the places like Write a program to reverse the string or Write a program to check string are palindrome or not etc..

In this post, I have a picked a question from that type of programming questions i.e.

Write a program for converting the decimal value to binary value?

Below is the simple method for converting a decimal value into binary value :

Code Snippet
/// Method for converting Decimal to Binary

///integer value ///
static string DecimalToBinary(int _value)
string strBinary = string.Empty;
while (_value >= 1)
strBinary = (_value % 2).ToString() + strBinary;
_value = _value / 2;
return strBinary;


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