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Asp.Net web pages are used to create dynamic webpages. They are used to perform all type of tasks to process a request for an input from the user using a form and then change the appearance of it. The information can be received from the user and can be saved in the database using these forms.

Skills required for working with Webpages

To work smoothly with web pages, one must be aware of the following:

 HTML: Basic HTML, not very deep knowledge is required.

 CSS(Cascading Style Sheet): Preliminary knowledge of CSS

 Database: Basic database concepts and sorting and filtering of data on any of the database like excel.

ASP.NET web pages Server scripting uses C# or Visual Basic. Just basic knowledge of programming is enough to work on a web page. It is basically designed to develop smaller projects and is built around a single page just like PHP and Classic ASP. It uses Razor syntax for adding server side code as well as

provides an easy way to combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server code. It is easy to learn, understand and use. These pages are easily extendable with programmable Web Helpers, including database, video, graphics, social networking and much more.

Difference between a Web Page and a Web Form

The main focus of ASP.Net web page is to add dynamic code and database access to HTML page and supports light weight syntax. It is basically designed to make it easy for the people who already know HTML and just want to add simple server processing to the pages. It is good for the newbie’s in the field of programming as well as to the developers who have experience in other web technologies.

ASP.Net web forms support page object model and simple window controls like checkbox, buttons etc. They work on even- based model that was supported by window forms development.


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