Java Vs .Net

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Untitled1576350It is very difficult to rationalize which is better Java or dotNet. Both have their points to back up. Java’s tag line “Write once; Run anywhere.” says just go the way as  provided by me and I assurance, you can run it anywhere and will get the same result, while on opposite dotNet’s tag line “Write in any language; Run on Windows.” says hey!! come and use any language you are comfortable with and I assure you, you will get the same result. Java facilitates a variety of web servers to run its web application while dot net supports IIS to host applications. Not many options are available in case of dotnet. Java is a programming language while dotnet is a framework which supports multiple languages to run on windows platform. Java is an open source and huge no. of its IDE’s are also easily available while dotNet framework is easily available but its IDE (Microsoft Visual Studio) is paid. Configuration setup for Java is very less while that for dotnet is very high. Development in Java is very slow as compared to dotNet. Read More Here ******************************************************************************************************

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